Switchgear Manufacturing

Switchgear Manufacturing

MSI Engineering Services offers switchgear manufacturing services to various industries. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and experienced personnel to design, fabricate, test, and commission switchgear for a wide range of applications.

Some of the specific services offered by MSI Engineering Services in their switchgear manufacturing factory include:

  • Design and engineering: MSI Engineering Services can provide custom switchgear designs based on their client’s requirements and specifications. Their experienced team of engineers can work closely with the clients to design switchgear that meets their specific needs.
  • Fabrication: MSI Engineering Services can fabricate switchgear components using various materials, such as steel, copper, and aluminum. Their factory is equipped with modern equipment and tools to ensure precise fabrication of switchgear components.
  • Testing: MSI Engineering Services can test switchgear for electrical continuity, insulation resistance, and operation of protection and control devices. Their factory has advanced testing equipment to ensure switchgear is tested rigorously and meets required performance and safety standards.
  • Installation and commissioning: MSI Engineering Services can install and commission switchgear at the client’s site. our experienced technicians can ensure proper installation and commissioning to ensure the switchgear operates efficiently and safely.

MSI Engineering Services has experience working with various industries, including manufacturing, power generation, and oil and gas. Their goal is to provide high-quality switchgear manufacturing services that meet the specific needs of their clients while adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality.

LT Panels

Our vast range comprises LT Panels that are manufacturing with using high quality electrical components like ACB, MCCB, MCBs, Protection Relay with Aluminum & Copper Busbar as per Requirement of Clients, Consultants Specifications. That will be huge Application in Industries, Big Commercial Complex, these LT panel are designed in such a manner that installed in substation to enable to for proper Power Distribution selective fault protection & contact isolation capabilities. L T panels are design with such a manner that Single / Multiple incomer, Bus coupler with proper interlocking to enable for power distribution selective fault protection & selective. Fault Level will be maintain with Transformer Specifications.


♦ Special protection devices like earth fault, under voltage, over voltage and shunt trip on demand
♦ Suitable arrangement of Copper Bus Bar of appropriate size according to the current ratting.
♦ Reliable Electrical and Mechanical inter locking.

♦ Suitable for electric power system of 3-phase AC rated frequency 50/60Hz.
♦ Rated voltage: 415V
♦ Rated Current  = Up to 6300 Amps
♦ Rated short time withstand current: Max 120KA / 1sec
♦ Modular design of Panels makes it easy for assembly, erecting and future maintenance.
♦ Louvers and Fans for proper ventilation.
♦ According to the IEC / Bs Standards

Power Factor Panels

We are one of the renowned organizations in the industry involved in the process of manufacturing and supplying of 3 PHASE Automatic Power Factor Panel. These products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the industry guidelines and standards. Our professionals use superior quality raw material that is procured from authentic vendors of the market. All our products are examined on varied stages of manufacturing to maintain higher quality standards. The product is also available in customized form for our clients as per their requirements.


♦ Modular design, Non-compartmentalized,
♦ Minimum joints, hence better reliability and lower losses.
♦ Special cables used hence withstands high temperature
♦ Incomer MCCB, 3 pole ,as per load
♦ Step protection MCCB / HRC Fuse
♦ Step switching
♦ Capacitor duty contactors with Damping Resistors.
♦ Microprocessor controlled relay
♦ Switching option – Auto/Manual
♦ Bus bar – Copper
♦ Protection class: as per requirement.
♦ Varplus Heavy Duty Capacitors
♦ Wide Range


♦ Consistency in Power Factor under fluctuating loads conditions.
♦ Maintenance Free
♦ Elimination of Power factor penalty
♦ Prevention of leading power factor


♦ Fluctuating loads such as
♦ Steel Rolling mills
♦ Chemical industry
♦ Cement plant
♦ Sugar plant
♦ Textile
♦ Hospitals / Hotels
♦ Building segment
♦ Automobile industry etc.

MCC Panels

Motor control center provides centralized power and control for multiple motors. It typically includes a starter panel, distribution panel, and motor control unit. 


♦ Available for single and multi-motors system.
♦ Direct Online (DOL) Starter
♦ Auto Star Delta (ASD) starters
♦ VFD Starters
♦ Soft Starters
♦ Local and Remote operation
♦ Tripping against Under/Over Voltage, phase failure, phase sequence, dry running and over load protection
♦ Ensured high personnel safety
♦ Both front and rear side accessibility option

* Special design and manufacturing is available on request

PLC Panels

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control panel contains electrical components such as relays and switches, that run factory machines or processes in single or multiple networks. They are small but powerful computers that are integrated into your control panel and are capable of tracking and analyzing any process with the information available at your fingertips. PLCs are easy to operate, and they work to boost your facility’s output while also improving energy efficiency and decreasing costs.

Digital input – It is used for receiving input from process that is to start /stop, O/L
♦ Digital Output – It is used for giving commands to motor Start/stop
♦ Analog input – It receives signal of 4-20 mA from sensors of flow, pressure, temp.
♦ Analog output – It gives signals of 4-20 mA for controlling valves, actuators, VFD speed control


♦ Nano & Micro PLCs 10 IO”s to 140 IO”s.
♦ Modular PLCs – Scalable from 8/4 to 4096 IO”s with remote drops
♦ Special function modules like – High Accuracy, Temperature control, power transducer, PID.
Controlled output channel available
♦ PLC”s with significantly higher configurations available.
♦ Hot Backup Redundant Systems
♦ Distributed Control Systems

Synch Panels

Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for two or more generators or breakers. They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplex solutions.


♦ operated both automatically and manually.
♦ Employ a Breaker closing time delay installed in order to avoid current and voltage surges.
♦ Employ automated sensing for:
♦ Under voltage
♦ Phase failure
♦ Phase sequence
♦ Instilled with Generator start/stop commands
♦ And Indicate:
♦ Incoming voltage
♦ Engine running/faulty conditions
♦ MCCB On/Trip conditions
♦ Engine tests run position for routine test of engines.
♦ Status signals for remote indications.

Synchronization panels are mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. These panels function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for one or more generators or breakers.

They are widely used in synchronizing generators and offering multiplex solutions.

Our high quality range of DG synchronizing panels is available with capacities that reaches 6300 A, and are fabricated by our engineers using premium quality electrical components including copper bus bar, insulations, wires/cable, PVC channels, meters and switches.

These panels can also be incorporated in the main LT Panels or in Sub Main Panels.

Lighting & Power Distribution Boards

Our Lighting Distribution Board (LDB Panel) is comprised of a free-standing enclosure, a bus bar system, MCCB’s, metering and support equipment’s and required current transformers. Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section.


♦ Available from 6 ways to 72 ways
♦ RCD (Residual-Current Devices) or RCBO
♦ (Residual Current Breakers with over current protection) can also be instilled.
♦ Protection Degree: IP 42, IP 55, IP 65
♦ Manufactured with flush and surface mounting
♦ Finished with polyester epoxy powder paint RAL 7035 (Other colors available on request)

Bus Tie Ducts

Our Busbar trunking systems consist of insulated copper or aluminum busbars enclosed in a trunking. Modern busbar trunking is modular in design and is supplied in pre-fabricated lengths and available in a range of conductor configurations. The Busbar trunking system product range typically includes elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other standard or custom components that make it simple to configure for almost any application. Busbar trunking can effectively conduct substantial currents of electricity, making it a far more effective alternative than standard wiring.

Cables Trays & Cables Ladders

We bring you an international range of cable trays that is available in different varieties as per the client’s requirements. These are available in Perforated and Ladder Type made from superior quality MS / GI / SS material. The cable trays are fabricated in mild steel and also can be provided in pre-galvanized steel, Hot dip galvanized and painted with approved color enamel or powder coated as per the requirements.